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Unleash the Power of the Cloud

Our pre-packaged solutions enables you to securely set up cloud environments in days while ensuring compliance and optimizing cost.

We deploy, we run, you innovate…


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Reduce Time to Value

Our offerings are based on our extensive experience of the cloud and of evolving customer needs and requirements. We have spent more than 5 years building a service catalog that is backed by our deep cloud platform management and automation capability.

Ideal for fully funded startups, medium and large enterprise organizations.

How we support clients

DevOps Foundation

Secure cloud foundation in 5 days.

Infrastructure Deployment

Industry solution deployment in 30 mins.

Training and Support

Develop custom labs in 5 days.

Expert Consulting

Access to cloud experts in 4 continents.

Security and Compliance

Leverage advance security blueprints.

Automation Tools

Prototype cloud solutions in 1 hour. 

Cloud Innovation

Artificial Intelligence

Free up time to focus on strategic initiatives while improving operational efficiency and reducing cost.

Need help automating cloud deployments?

Artificial Intelligence

We automate deployment and configuration, saving invaluable time and resources.

Our commitment to you


We empower our clients through deployment accelerators, customized skills development and support, designed to match the unique requirements of each organization. We enable you to focus on essential aspects such as expanding your customer base, nurturing current partnerships, and accelerating revenue generation.




Some of the clients that trust us





Our client engagement model

When we build it with you.

You own everything.

Your team wins.



Boost Sales

Sell cloud services the smart and easy way with a custom sales portal

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Drive Adoption

Simplify cloud adoption and consumption with a rapid application deployment platform

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Authorized Google Cloud Partner

Google trusts us to provide advisory and consulting services to cloud services providers and consumers around the world

Trusted by hundreds of customers



Our services are more cost-effective when compared to the typical cost of creating cloud infrastructure, particularly when the risks involved in implementing a solution by less experienced employees is taken into account. We use agile development methodologies, and offer fixed-price sprints with the opportunity to adjust the project scope. A standard project typically includes 8-10 sprints, each lasting 2 weeks or about 80 hours, with additional work billed separately.

We are ready to begin as soon as the statement of work is defined and a contract for services signed off. The process from initial conversation to implementation kickoff takes 2 weeks. We recommend an introductory call to discuss your needs and ensure we are able to meet your expectations. Thereafter, a Statement of Work is created to capture project deliverables and cost estimate. Work begins once the initial payment is received.

Yes. Contact us to schedule a live demo of our automated deployment process.

Yes, our engineers have delivered consulting services for some of the world's largest fortune 500 companies. Many work as indepenent expert tainers and consultants to hyperscale cloud services providers such as Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

We typically engage partnerships on greenfield projects. The initial phase of collaboration can take up 3 or 4 months, organized into two-week intervals known as sprints. Each sprint targets specific outcomes. Services are customized to fit each client's needs. We collaborate closely with your team, ensuring they are fully equipped to maintain the infrastructure following the engagement. Ongoing support is also available, should it be required.

We are open to collaborating with fully funded startups, or startups with high growth potential. Contact us for an exploratory discussion.

  1. Organizations with less than 2 engineers may struggle to adapt to our offerings.
  2. Organizations that are too busy putting out fires and unable to dedicate time to learn cloud native technologies may find it hard to get value from our engagement.
  3. Organizations that prefer to tools other than those we recommend are not a good fit.

We enable our clients to explore out automated deployment platform capabilities during the initial discovery process.

  1. Reduce time to value and capture opportunities sooner
  2. Release more features to your customers faster
  3. Do more with less by managing and control operating costs

The industry-standard rate for an experienced independent contractors is around $150-250 per hr. Contractors do not offer access to a service catalog of pre built modules. It is significantly more expensive to implement a custom solution using independent contractors when compared to our offering. We reduce the risk associated with adopting cloud native services.

Unfortunately, are unable to take on small engagements.

We work with companies that need to own their own cloud platform as as competitive advantage. Our customers are typically high growth post-Series A technology startups that need to accelerate their DevOps adoption. They are backed by some of the biggest names in the industry and are solving challenging problems with cloud technology.

We prefer to work on green-field projects, where we build your infrastructure from the ground up with your team. We ensure your team is confident and has the know-how to operate the platforms in production. For organizations that wish to focus on their business and less on maintenance, we provide ongoing support on a contract basis.

We request a quarterly retainer paid up front every 3 months for a minimum of 120+ hours. This enable us to consult and support you. We will suggest tasks as issues arise, add them to the backlog and prioritize the the tasks together with you on our check-in calls. Each task is delivered within a timeboxed period to provide cost transparency.

We offer service discounts or credits (hours) to customers participating in a successful, published case study.

From day 1, we are working in your private git repository alongside your team. We able your team by assisting them as they work on tasks.